Embracing Mid-Century Modern: Art, Design, and Style for Your Home

Mid-century modern art is a popular style that originated in the 1940s and 1950s and is characterized by its clean lines, simple shapes, and use of natural materials. This design style is characterized by its minimalist aesthetic and focus on functionality, which has made it a timeless and popular choice in home decor. In this article, we will explore the history of mid-century modern art and its use in contemporary homes and how it relates to We Are Lunarium's handmade modern contemporary wall hangings.

Mid-century modern art emerged as a response to the post-World War II era. After the war, people were looking for a new kind of design that was different from the ornate, decorative styles of the past. The mid-century modern movement was influenced by modernist and Bauhaus design principles, which emphasized form and function over ornamentation. As a result, this new design style was characterised by simple lines, organic shapes, and an emphasis on natural materials like wood, metal, and glass.

One of the most iconic mid-century modern artists is the Danish furniture designer, Hans J. Wegner. Wegner's work is known for its simple, elegant design and focus on functionality. His chairs, in particular, are considered to be some of the most iconic pieces of mid-century modern furniture. Other famous mid-century modern designers include Eero Saarinen, Charles and Ray Eames, and George Nelson.

Today, mid-century modern art continues to be a popular choice for homeowners who are looking for a timeless and elegant aesthetic. This style is often used in contemporary homes to create a sense of sophistication and simplicity. For example, mid-century modern furniture and decor can be used to add a touch of elegance to a living room, or to create a sleek and modern look in a home office. In addition, mid-century modern lighting fixtures, such as atomic starbursts and sputnik chandeliers, can add a unique touch of sophistication to any room in the home. And that's exactly what our wall hangings do, adding a touch of sophistication and style to any space.

Mid-century modern art is also popular for its versatility and ability to blend with other styles. This design style can be paired with traditional elements, such as a classic fireplace or a vintage rug, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. It can also be paired with more contemporary elements, like abstract art or clean-lined furniture, to create a modern and sophisticated look. This versatility is what makes We Are Lunarium's wall hangings so unique, as they are able to blend with a variety of styles and aesthetics.

In conclusion, mid-century modern art is a timeless and versatile style that continues to be popular in contemporary homes. Its focus on simplicity, functionality, and natural materials has made it a popular choice for homeowners who are looking to create a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic in their homes. Whether you are looking to decorate a single room or your entire home, mid-century modern art is a great choice for anyone looking for a timeless and stylish look.

At We Are Lunarium, we offer unique and handmade wall hangings that embody the mid-century modern aesthetic. Our wall hangings are made of plywood and feature laser cut geometric shapes of all sizes, adding a modern touch to any room. Whether you're looking to decorate a single room or your entire home, our wall hangings we offer are a great choice for anyone looking for a timeless and stylish look.

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